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We need to reclaim the people's narrative and hold Malaysian parent companies taking advantage of corrupt structures in Indonesia accountable. Advocacy in populating correct information about the origin of haze can fortify actions for an impactful and meaningful outcome. The haze is a climate and a public health crisis, and unless the people take steps to address this, the cycle will get worse as a stronger El Nino is predicted in 2020.  Tangible policy action is inadequate as people on the ground are building more emergency shelters to protect them from the haze. 


Reclaim the people's narrative

on transboundary haze crisis

  • Haze Workshops

  • Humanizing Haze 

  • Infographics and videos from the ground

  • #HazeStories

  • Reports - survey and data collection

  • Update Demands & Petitions ( local and regional )

  • Push for public consultation on the Transboundary Haze Act, whereby the public may access the Act draft and provide feedback.

  • Documentary Screening

  • Panel Discussion



Cooperation Partners

  • Greenpeace Malaysia

  • Walhi Indonesia

  • Ranuwelum Foundation

  • Kalimantan Youth Act

  • CERAH Asia

  • Sahabat Alam Malaysia

  • NewNaratif

  • Academics

  • Health Practitioners

  • Politicians

  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

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