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COP26 debrief session with BEM UI

KAMY was invited to a Conference Of Students organized by BEM UI - University of Indonesia Student Executive Board in response to the outcomes of COP26.

This event is one of it's kind in Southeast Asia, and we hope this would inspire action for Mahasiswa in Malaysia as well.

The concept of this event is to hold a student version of COP26. This conference brought together students from around the world to give a speech about their response to the results of COP26. The points that were discussed include:

  1. The urgency of climate crisis;

  2. The importance of world leaders to take ambitious steps in dealing with the climate crisis;

  3. How is the government's commitment from each country's delegation at COP26; and

  4. The reality of each country’s climate crisis management;

This event also produced a joint statement reflecting a common stance by various communities or organizations around the world.

Watch the recording here:



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