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Tuntutan KAMY

These fundamental demands are critical in building climate strategies driven by systemic change, transformation and a  just transition for the people.

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The Malaysian Parliament must declare a "Climate Emergency" and begin an overhaul of governance to address this existential crisis urgently.



Implement Just Transition targets and a legally binding roadmap towards a low carbon, climate-resilient, and equitable economy that ensures no corruption in Malaysia's natural resource planning.

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Support and strengthen the environmental-human rights legal framework by expediting the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act, Climate Change Act, and Disaster Act.



Institutionalise data transparency and accessibility, urging accountability and integrity in all levels of climate governance by enacting the Freedom of Information Act.


Define adaptation, set targets, scenario planning and roadmap for the National Adaptation Plan driven by overarching resilience and human rights principles.


Appoint a National Gender and Climate Change Focal Point for climate negotiations, implementation and monitoring, and kickstart efforts to map the baseline of gender intervention for the national climate mitigation and adaptation policies.


Reform land use management and climate-proof town planning from federal, state to local councils by putting people, local communities and the environment first and expediting the Business and Human Rights National Plan.


Constitutionalise UNDRIP at the parliamentary and policy level and regulatory framework to recognise Indigenous Land Rights. Amend Akta Orang Asli (Act 134) and regulate mandatory Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) to ensure meaningful participation and uphold Indigenous sovereignty over history, religion, culture and knowledge, natural resources, access to justice and inclusion in development, education and health, and environment and climate governance.


Implement a National Climate Literacy Roadmap to operationalise climate information accessibility across all levels of society, from the government, education institutions, think tanks to the NGOs and the community.


Reject false solutions as they lack mandatory safeguards, procedural rights, and structural transformation that risks Malaysia's carbon and biodiversity targets and SDG Goals. This includes market-based solutions like the carbon market and carbon offset mechanisms to maximise profits unethically, the "greening of" gas and nuclear energy transition, "corporate co-opted" Nature-Based Solutions, and vague Net Zero 2050 targets.

All climate financing (international and national) must be tagged, monitored and evaluated independently, and findings are made publically accessible mandated by the Climate Change Act.


Introduce carbon tax to the polluting sectors, and institutionalise its periodical revisions and amendments and dividends mechanisms.


The National Disaster Risk Reduction Plan must operationalise Community Based Disaster Risk Management, and the fiscal mechanisms must be legally binding under Disaster Act. Malaysia must urgently build capacity for Loss and Damage focus in international climate negotiations and national implementation and monitoring.



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