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Women & Climate Crisis
in Peninsula Malaysia

KAMY's Written Submission to CEDAW

Writing Paper

KAMY's shadow report to the 88th CEDAW Session unveils the disproportionate impact of climate change on women in Peninsula Malaysia, marking the first time this issue enters Malaysia’s CEDAW cycle. This comprehensive analysis highlights four critical issues:


  1. Data Gap and Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Policies

  2. Direct impacts of climate disasters on women

  3. Financing women in the climate crisis

  4. Inequality of participation in Just Transition


This advocacy led to Malaysia’s 6th Cycle for CEDAW concluding observations, which now include recommendations for addressing the climate crisis, Just Energy Transition, and Disaster Risk Reduction. 


Uncover the urgent need for gender-transformative solutions and the inequality in women's participation in Malaysia's  climate governance and Just Transition.


Download the full report now to access vital insights, compelling evidence, and key recommendations for policymakers, civil society organisations, and concerned citizens to drive change.

Our updates from Geneva

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