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#ProtectOurFutureFromFossilFuels Global Day of Action [launch]

Updated: Sep 1, 2021


Communities in Australia launched campaigns to #ProtectOurFutureNotGas in November 2020 in response to the Narrabri conditional approval for 850 gas wells in the Pilliga Forest, along with the Australian governments COVID gas led recovery. Of course Australia is not alone in this fight for a safe & just future. This time, they are bringing the campaign globally through #ProtectOurFutureFromFossilFuels that is happening on 26 June 2021.

KAMY is part of this campaign through our partnership with JCJ (Journeys for Climate Justice) since 2019.

During this campaign launch, we highlighted climate impacts & climate justice movements from the Global South. When we talk about fossil fuel, it's not just about the future anymore but it's also about us trying to save our present. There are real communities on the ground already bearing the impacts of climate crisis and the direct impacts of fossil fuel industries.

Watch the full livestream here (KAMY at at minute 15:00):



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