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Ayik Muyang HSKLU Virtual 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Ayik Muyang or Ancestor Day is celebrated by the indigenous Temuans at year-end in conjunction with the full moon to honour & thank their ancestors for their safety & well-being in life, even more so this year for the Temuans surrounding Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR).

Apart from the Covid19 threats ranging from health risks to the loss of employment opportunities, the Temuans also facing the threat of losing their customary land which includes the village territory & the KLNFR, an 8000-year-old peat swamp forest, among the last of its kind in Selangor.

In Ayik Muyang virtual, we showcased interesting Ayik Muyang rituals, very much rooted with the KLNFR, from the Temuans of Kampung Pulau Kempas, such as making traditional food, Sewang artistic performance, a journey into KLNFR etcetera.

This project is coordinated by KAMY as part of the Defend Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve coalition or PHSKLU to bridge the understanding between the public and the Temuans in Kuala Langat-- in line with our objectives below.

Watch the live virtual show here with Shaq Koyok and June Tan moderating the segments.

Also, click the hi-res video playlist from the programme below :

Storytelling is an essential communication pathway in any anti-megaproject campaigns run by grassroots, and that this project is a clear indicator that grassroots and vulnerable communities must be given space in climate movements.

Support the Temuans plight for their right to self-govern following international declarations such as the UNDRIP & Article 7.5 of the Paris Agreement.



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