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Impact through storytelling - IMPACT.MY Kita E-Fest 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Kita E-Fest 2020 is a virtual festival by Impact Malaysia that brings together youth through series of programs focusing on knowledge sharing, entertainment, sports and entrepreneurship.

KAMY has been invited on the Knowledge Sharing panel together with Zaim Mohzani (Impact) and Mistika Idris (Shopee) to talk about Environment, Economy and Social issues.

This panel is also part of Impact Malaysia’s “2020in3” Short Video Competition, where young people create a short 3-minute-video related to either themes; Social, Economy, or Environmental.

KAMY shared our perspective on the climate movement in Malaysia and how creative tools such as short films can create meaningful change. For example, at the early phase of Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve campaign, KAMY worked on a short documentary with a few CSOs to raise awareness about the degazettement issue. This has immensely helped the campaign because people felt a personal connection to the forest.

We also discussed the role of youth, especially Mahasiswa (university students) how they have a big responsibility to change society's perspective towards demanding a just and sustainable future in Malaysia. Most social justice movements around the world are catalyzed and lead by mahasiswa, this includes the climate justice movements as well.

Watch the full livestream below (our session starts at around 30:00):



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