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Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR)

Dear Selangor ADUNs/EXCOs @AmirudinShari @heeloysian @ganabatirau1 @tengchangkhim we don’t want to emit 5.5 million tonnes of carbon. We have the obligation under the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions, not increase emissions!

Defend the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve! 

Defend Orang Asli rights to


Defend our natural barrier against climate impacts from being degazetted! 

@AmirudinShari @heeloysian @ganabatirau1 @tengchangkhim @Rodziah_Ismail  @DrSitiMaria @ngszehan @amin_ahya

HSKLU is still in danger,

fight is not yet over ! 

@AmirudinShari @heeloysian @ganabatirau1 @tengchangkhim @Rodziah_Ismail    @DrSitiMariah @Mkhairuddin_ @BorhanAman @izham_hashim @ngszehan @amin_ahya

We demand @AmirudinShari and Selangor EXCO of Environment & Orang Asli Affairs @heeloysian to withdraw from HSKLU

de-gazettement plans & honour the 45k official objections from the public.

@AmirudinShari @heeloysian @tengchangkhim @Rodziah_Ismail Please Honour the democratic principles of Usul 26's historic unanimous support in Dewan Negeri Selangor on 11/11/2020 to protect Selangor's forest reserves & water catchments

We demand big businesses, corporations , banks, and institutions to implement the UN Guiding principles on Business and Human Rights, and adhere to your Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance.

Indigenous Rights for Climate Justice

Now is the time for the youth to lead on climate action. You lift yourself when you empower others! #YangMudaMemimpin

HAP NAA, Jangan rampas hak orang asli untuk masa depan yang bermaruah dan selamat.

Indigenous communities are our climate heroes! Jangan rampas tanah adat! #HutanPergiMana

Gender Justice for Climate Action

Women must lead! Increase political participation of women of decision making in climate policies.

Women have been the central in community-based education and organizing, especially in vulnerable groups striking collaborations with civil society groups. Translate this into feminist action for climate justice !

Just Recovery for Climate Action

The COVID crisis is catastrophic and immediate, and climate change is a threat multiplier according to the United Nations – both are humanity existential threats. Demand Malaysian politicians to address these issues seriously

Our universities are not ready to shift and prepare our youth for the warming climate. Our education system needs a transformational change to build a society that respects each other, resilient, rooted in inclusivity and diversity.

We have failed in facing the Covid-19 pandemic shock. Are we to believe that this current system will prepare us for severe climate impacts in the next ten years, & pave the way for a safer & low carbon Malaysia? Get serious on #JustRecovery.

Give us the status of the Malaysian Climate Change Act and the National Adaptation Plan, will the people and most vulnerable communities be consulted?

Malaysia must build back better. There is no climate justice without social justice and gender justice.

Transboundary Haze

For nearly 30 decades we lived through the annual transboundary haze. We have continuously failed to hold irresponsible stakeholders accountable. An imperfect law is better than no law! Bring back THPA!

@KASA_Malaysia has announced that the transboundary haze pollution act THPA has been shelved. Why are we going backwards? Where is our #EnviroRights as a private citizen to hold accountable Malaysian parties that have contributed to the transboundary haze? #TuntutKebenaran

Sign the petition by Greenpeace [ACT  ON TRANSBOUNDARY HAZE]: https://act.greenpeace.org/page/65808/petition/1?locale=en-GB

Put the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act back on the agenda! Are we going to let #SyarikatJerebu continue threatening our lives every year?

Low-key diplomacy won’t cut it anymore. We need to put the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act back on the agenda! #EnviroRights

Sign the petition through this link


Review TOR to include more explicit protection functions to empower the AICHR—this is the ASEAN way. The Asean mechanism of cooperation must be improved by the establishment of the Asean Coordinating Centre for Transboundary Haze Pollution Control (ACCT-HPC).


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Use these artworks and illustrations for your digital action and amplify our collective demands nationally and regionally




10 November 2020

Asia Climate Rally (ACR) Press Conference

The ACR committee will officially launch the campaign. An Open letter & five demands for a fossil-free Asia will be read out, ahead of the Finance in Common and G20 Summit this month.

  • Watch this live here

13 November 2020

Climate Change and Mental Health

As our world faces potentially destructive climate change, what will the impact be on our individual and collective mental health? Generation Mental Health of Canada is organizing the annual mental health conference. KAMY will part of the panel: Climate Change and Mental Health discussing the pathways through which climate change affects mental health and what policies and services are needed to address this urgent issue.

  • Get your tickets here

15 November 2020

#JomDocu: Climate Change? Without me!

This documentary screening followed by discussions in breakout sessions is a private event, creating a safe space for young participants.

27 November 2020

"Mother is Calling..."

This is a panel discussion on the intersections of Climate and Gender, a collaboration between Taylor's University Girl Up and KAMY for the Asia Climate Rally. Catch our vice chair, Hailey Tan moderating and our Research lead, Aroe Ajoeni to speak about KAMY's work in these intersections. Watch this in FB Live : https://www.facebook.com/taylorsspeakerscorner

28 November 2020

Asia Climate Rally (ACR) Call To Action Livestream

Asia Climate Rally (ACR) comes together this Saturday DIGITALLY & PHYSICALLY. 30 speakers across 10 Asian countries are calling for urgent climate action, with performances from local artists and interactive sessions; all packed in a 3-hour live stream to inspire climate solidarity and harness our Asian resistance. You can watch this LIVE from FB Live

  • Watch the  Asia Climate Rally Livestream from 28 November here

  • Participate in our webinars/workshops between November to December and our call for action[Follow all of our social media for updates]

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Everyone has a different level of understanding of climate issues. Use this toolkit as a guideline to amplify climate action among your peers.


From the 10/11/2020 until 28/11/2020, the Asia Climate Rally (ACR) campaign, run by youth climate strikers in Asia, will be held with one collective purpose; demand Asian governments, institutions, and corporations to take urgent climate actions during this pandemic. Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) is the Malaysian arm of the Asia Climate Rally. 

More than 9 countries in Asia including Malaysia will amplify the climate injustices in Asia during ACR to show that we, together, can organize, build resistance, and solidarity across borders.


Dear friends, campaigners and supporters, we have seen how the rakyat have coordinated and centralized aid and health efforts to each other during this pandemic. This camaraderie, or what we called as #RakyatJagaRakyat, gives us a glimpse into what the rakyat can do if we work together in the face of a crisis.


This camaraderie, or what we called as #RakyatJagaRakyat, gives us a glimpse into what the rakyat can do if we work together in the face of a crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic and climate crisis are similar in that they are both global threats that carry catastrophic risks if we fail to address and recognize. Both crises demand all sectors of society to respond and cooperate. The impacts widen the social inequalities and disproportionately affects the vulnerable demographic such as women, girls and children and marginalized communities. The COVID crisis is catastrophic and immediate, and climate change is a threat multiplier according to the United Nations -- both humanity existential threats. We have seen that the current system has failed in facing shocks such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Are we to believe that this current system will prepare us for severe climate impacts in the next ten years, and pave the way for a safer and low carbon Malaysia?


In the spirit of #RakyatJagaRakyat, KAMY is urging the civil society to put pressure on our MPs to debate for A JUST RECOVERY for the people and planet during the parliamentary session from November 2nd 2020 until December 2nd 2020. The tabling of the Budget 2021 which promises a “focus on sustainability agenda” has failed to make a serious address on the climate crisis. The Special Select Committee on Environment and Sustainability was dropped from the final list of select committees, as briefed by the Dewan Rakyat Speaker on 2nd November 2020.


Malaysian demand

Deve si vedono le gare in programma?

Le gare in programma si vedono prmeendo sul tasto CALENDARIO GARE, che riporta alla pagina del nuoov software SportData

ASIA collective demands

Asian climate strikers collectively demand our governments, the multinational corporations, banks and institutions in our respective countries to :

  1. Take serious Climate Action NOW
  2. Defend environmental defenders and uphold people's democracy
  3. Create policies for the people and planet
  4. Demand ambition, collaboration, & accountability
  5. Push towards a just recovery

You want to participate further (collaborations on action, etc)?

Let us know! Email us at team@klimaactionmalaysia.org