On 11 November 2020, YB Mohd Najwan Halimi (PKR- N40 Kota Anggerik) read   MOTION 26  :

That Dewan urges the Selangor State Government to maintain the status of forest reserves throughout the state so that the water catchment areas and forest reserves in the State of Selangor are maintained and well preserved to ensure that water resources in the State of Selangor are sufficient and unaffected for the future

Read the Debate Speech  MOTION 26  at the Selangor State Assembly 11 November 2020


Selangor State Assembly Session supports

MOTION 26 ; Protect the forest reserves

11 November 2020

Timestamp for the video above

  • 1:16:08 - PKR N40 Kota Anggerik - YB TUAN MOHD NAJWAN BIN HALIMI

  • 1:28:24 - DAP N31 Subang Jaya - YB PUAN MICHELLE NG MEI SZE

  • 1:34:59 - DAP N23 Dusun Tua - YB TUAN EDRY FAIZAL BIN EDDY YUSOF

  • 1:38:04 - BN N03 Sungai Panjang - YB DATO 'MOHD IMRAN BIN TAMRIN

  • 1:41:24 - DAP N35 Kg. Tunku - YB PUAN LIM YI WEI

  • 1:43:06 - DAP N34 Bukit Gasing - YB TUAN RAJIV A / L RISHYAKARAN

  • 1:44:25 - PKR N25 Kajang - YB TUAN HEE LOY SIAN (Selangor Committee Chairman in Tourism, Environment and Green Technology and Orang Asal Affairs)

  • 1:48:19 - Proposition 26 was agreed by the ADUN unanimously. Speaker approves Motion 26.


Following the passing of  MOTION 26 , the PHSKLU Coalition has issued a media statement

With this, the first phase of PHSKLU to get the support of Selangor ADUN has ended successfully, and we will continue the second phase to get the full status of HSKLU.

We thank all the ADUNs who objected to PHSKLU from the media and also the public who urged their ADUNs to speak out.

PHSKLU Media Statement

Document 'AKU JANJI'

Read PHSKLU's media footage, from articles to radio interviews


You can pressure the Selangor ADUN and MP to state their stand on this issue. Click the Greenpeace website to send an email to the Selangor ADUN and MP


Press conference: Coalition Defend Kuala Langat Utara Forest Reserve 29/10/20

Have you sent an email to your ADUN / MP?

According to our activists working in the legal sector, pressing your elected representatives, namely ADUN / MP, is the easiest way for the public to oppress the Selangor state government.


The gazetting of the Kuala Langat Utara Forest Reserve is contrary to many local, state and national plans. 5.5 million tonnes of carbon will be released - how does that reflect to Malaysia's Paris Agreement obligation to REDUCE carbon emissions?


This 8000-year-old forest is one of the last peat swamp forests of its kind in southern Selangor and serves as a natural flood barrier. This is our existing natural structure to help us adapt to the impact of climate crises such as floods and droughts.


Why is the Selangor Menteri Besar interested in degazetting this forest at the height of the pandemic? - to build more elite housing areas or mixed development? Selangor already has an overdevelopment problem, will this revive the economy in this time of pandemic?


The Indigenous people of Temuan have already said - enough is enough, according to Shaq Koyok. The size of this forest has shrunk by more than 90% since it was first gazetted. In several generations, the Temuan community in Selangor has been relocated numerous times, and their right to own and self govern have been denied !


The Coalition for the Defense of the Kuala Langat Utara Forest Reserve (PHSKLU) in the first phase of the campaign, is urging members of the public to pressure their ADUN / MP to state their stand and represent the will of the people. Nearly 45,000 letters of protest were sent to the Selangor Menteri Besar earlier this year.


WHICH Selangor ADUN and MP haS stated their stand for HSKLU?

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