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#MYCLIMATEMARCH : KAMY's third climate strike

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

#MYClimateRally was held on the 7th of July to hold the government accountable for their FAILURE to safeguard the safety and well-being of the Malaysian people, its ecological heritage and the future of the country.

Over 300 people marched to demand all political members and factions in Parliament to take serious action against the ecological breakdown caused by inept management of our natural resources, leading to deaths and morbidity of Orang Asli/Asal, school children and their teachers in Pasir Gudang, and construction workers in Penang Landslides among others.

Four tombstones in the colours of the Malaysian flag were erected to mourn the destruction of the environment, loss of the ecology, biodiversity and the deaths of frontline communities like the indigenous Bateq of Kuala Koh, and environmental injustice. Recognizing that there is no life on a dead planet, KAMY also led #MYClimateRally participants to perform Malaysia’s first Die-in

KAMY’s Statement on the Climate Emergency can be read here (BM)

KAMY doesn’t subscribe to the nihilistic position that we should enjoy our “progress” now and pass the bill of a destroyed natural world to future generations - the continuation of life on earth matters more than preserving business as usual!

The media coverage (printed and digital) was massive. The rally was featured in; the front page of The Sun, a video reportage by Astro and Malaysiakini, and an article by Malaysian Reserve among others, seeing KAMY as a group pushing for “significant policy changes” to translate Malaysia’s climate-related acts into “broad and verifiable actions”.

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