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IACT College : Climate Crisis Documentary

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

IACT is a creative communication college at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. KAMY is involved in one of the art activism modules whereby students are required to create a short documentary about the climate crisis. We guided the students on narrative brainstorming and exploring ideas to disseminate their content creatively.

Date: 14 February 2020 (Friday)

Time: 9am - 12pm

Venue: IACT College, Petaling Jaya.

Participants: 25-30

Workshop Objective:

  1. Importance of creative storytelling through any form of art, including film making.

  2. Humanizing the climate crisis is effective to disseminate information.

  3. Identifying the right audience for your film.

  4. Highlighting the Malaysian and Southeast Asian climate crisis and injustice.

  5. Dispel the myth that only scientists can speak about climate crisis.

Three sessions conduction in the workshop:

Session 1 - Identify the problem

Students mapped out all the current climate issues that they know, locally and globally. This allows everyone to reflect individually on how much information they actually know.

Session 2 - Understand the problem

This group session allows everyone to combine their knowledge from the previous session, discuss one topic that they are interested in exploring deeper. Students brainstorm and question the issue in order to know the root of the problem. They have to know the impacts, how it is affecting the local communities, and who is responsible for this.

Session 3 - Mapping your audience

Students were shown 5 documentaries and they have to identify:

- What type of documentary is it?

- What audience does it appeal to?

Students identified the type of documentaries that would appeal to the different communities :

- marginalized communities

- frontline communities

- the youth

- gender groups

They also learn how to storytell from creative lens, and how to create a non threatening space in order to gain trust from their subjects. Most important of all, they are encouraged to ask controversial questions and challenge the status quo.

The shooting duration is 3 months, and some students will take footage of KAMY's activities including documenting the #MYCLIMATESTRIKES. In May 2020, the students will organize a mini climate crisis documentary fest, where public can watch all of their documentaries. KAMY will be one of the judges to decide the winning documentary.

Check the gallery of pictures and videos here



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