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Environment and climate action plan with Member of Parliament (MPs)

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

KAMY is part of a collective of civil society organizations, community based organization and NGOs across Peninsula Malaysia that give consultations to some of the member of parliaments that spoke on environment and climate agenda in Malaysia's parliament.

Some of these MPs are also part of the APPGM SDG; All Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia on Sustainable Development Goals was approved by the Parliament on Oct 17, 2019. Its main objective is for the localisation of SDGs (Agenda 2030) at the parliamentary level and to monitor the implementation.

Also participating two environmental groups that are youth-led. We are glad to give in our perspective a youth group working in climate intersections pushing for the declaration of climate emergency.

The first consultation session was hosted by YB Fuziah Salleh and YB Maria Chin on the need to educate politicians on climate and environmental matters. Nithi from EPSM also spoke about the need to have SDG as the vehicle for good governance, and establish linkages from grassroots level to upper decision making level ( eg, local council, state, federal etc). There is an urgency to include other non environmental voices, as climate is intersectional.

The group will reconvene again for the November 2020 parliamentary session.



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