COVID-19 global pandemic shares many similarities with the climate crisis. It's transboundary and the most affected communities are the marginalised and the disenfranchised, the youth and women.

COVID-19 has shown us what we can do if we unite, and what future we want it to be. This is the beginning.

Who is KAMY?

KAMY is a grassroots climate movement led by Malaysian youth that calls for representative climate action in Malaysia by empowering vulnerable groups and communities; youth, women, and the marginalised. A rise in temperature above 1°C would threaten Malaysia's social and economic security, and we would face an existential crisis.

​We demand serious political will in climate change policies that are based on principles of equity and democracy. Politicians must take a serious stand against the climate crisis. The ecological and climate breakdown must be answered. We call on the Malaysian government and the educational institutions to declare "Climate Emergency" to accelerate social and economic reforms that thrive on the fundamentals of regenerative development and climate-resilience. 

​Since April 2019, we have conducted a range of bottom-up strategies to empower the communities through multi-language advocacy, climate protests, capacity building workshops, community awareness to reach the broader demographic. We aim to break the urban and western narrative of Malaysia's climate discourse. Everyone deserves to be informed regardless of their race, gender, education and economic background. 

​COVID19 has all but exposed our unpreparedness and the fragility of the human system. As a response to the pandemic, we are refocusing our strategy to increase and rebuild the resilience of our frontline communities. We must bounce back. The pandemic has shown us a glimpse of an alternate future that is safe, should we act now. PUSH that reset button now. Let's work together for a safe planet for all. 

What are our missions?




Climate protests

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What are our demands ?

Artikel ENG

30 Jun 2020

Stop allowing plantations in forest reserves, groups tell Putrajaya


Radio ENG

2 July 2020

No to large-scale monoculture farms in forest reserves



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KAMY is registered under the Registry of Societies (ROS) as

Persatuan Kesedaran dan Keadilan Iklim Malaysia (Klima Action Malaysia - KAMY) 


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [GMT+8]

(+6) 011 3331 1601


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