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The Story of Climate Crisis - from Data to Visuals

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The webinar aims to teach youth the basic skills of digital activism by building a local climate narrative. One of the most critical skills that mahasiswa need to know is where to find credible data. These skills will give mahasiswa the confidence to put out their own credible climate information using an evidence-based approach.

More than ever, Malaysia needs different parties, especially the youth to communicate the climate narrative in various ways.

Before the webinar, there were different topics that each participant needed to explore. Topics include:

  • Climate and women empowerment: Why climate change affects women disproportionately?

  • Climate change and food security in Malaysia

  • Southeast Asia Transboundary haze relation to climate and public health hazard

  • Megaprojects: Impacts of land reclamation projects to our ecology and climate

This pre-assignment helps participants to find out what they know about climate data research and what are the challenges.

After understanding the structure of their data, participants were guided on how to visualize all this information. Starting from basic tools that they can use, to using the right colors, formats, and utilizing engaging graphics.

Through the webinar, we were able to understand mahasiswa’s perception of the climate crisis particularly during this pandemic. It has brought up interesting discussions about our strength and resilience going through challenging times.

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