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Climate Workshop with Dignity for Children Foundation

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Date : 23/11/19

Venue : Dignity of Children Foundation school in Sentul

The poor and marginalized communities especially kids and women are susceptible to the bigger climate risk, due to these aspects of climate crisis and social equity dynamics.

Dignity for Children Foundation is a NGO that gives a fair and quality education to children from marginalized communities; refugees, urban poor, and indigenous. Education according to many reports around the world, can break this cycle of poverty and thus social inequality.

KAMY am honored to be given the opportunity to share not only scientific climate information to these teenagers, but we attempted to humanize the climate crisis by telling stories of hope, resistance and collaboration.

In the workshop, the teenagers were introduce to basic climate science, with localized context, which led to an integrative sharing session of discussion and art. The session ends with students using their art as props to their skit about climate crisis to their schools mates at the closing ceremony.

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