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CLIMATE CRISIS is no longer a foreseeable future. It is a reality that MALAYSIA is experiencing, and it is at a critical stage. This is a climate emergency.

Malaysia's air quality exceeds the API 150 scale, a long-term threat to human health. The haze crisis associated with global warming is one of the effects of climate change, and it knows no human boundaries. Malaysia will not survive this crisis.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROVISIONS related to CLIMATE CRISIS should be taken seriously for Malaysia's socio-economic and political survival in the future. Watch out! We have another 10 years before a temperature rise of 1.5 ° C, a level that will result in irreversible damage. This is the greatest existential crisis of mankind.

Come down to defend the right to freedom of expression of the ENVIRONMENT by irresponsible people and to bring down the quality of life, the destruction of wildlife and ecosystem as well as the death of Malaysians and the extinction of wildlife!

KAMY urges all parties to speak out and respond to environmental destruction as a result of stakeholder greed.

With the dying state of EARTH, your ​​support is the PULSE of this movement.


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