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Malaysia's Climate Policy Framework and Climate Politics at UNFCCC

  • Journalists are introduced to the national climate policies and what drives them, get a basic understanding of climate politics in the negotiation spaces of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and learn how this drives the formation of Malaysia's own national policies.


16 July 2022


  • Malaysia’s Climate Policy Framework by Darshan Joshi. He is currently a Climate Consultant at the Asia Foundation and has experience in public policy and economics in various think tanks like Penang Institute and ISIS Malaysia. His presentation focused on the policy rationale of climate mitigation in Malaysia and how external carbon measures like CBAM drive that change.

a. Speaker materials :

i. Malaysia’s Climate Policy Framework


  • Climate Politics: The road to Paris, Glasgow and Sharm-el-Sheikh by Meena Rahman. She is the Head of Programmes of Third World Network (TWN) and the President of Sahabat Alam Malaysia, a member of Friends of the Earth International, an international organization with 77 member groups, which she has served as chair (2004-2008). Meena practised public interest law for over 25 years. As the Legal adviser to the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP), she currently heads its Community Mobilization Section, which works with farmers and fisherfolk. Meena also served as an “Active Observer: of the Green Climate Fund from 2012 to 2015 and has actively participated in the UNFCCC negotiations since 2007. In her presentation, Meena shed light on the structural challenges and the political and diplomatic failures of today’s COP UNFCCC negotiations with cases of the Kyoto Protocol, The Bali Roadmap and Cancun.

a. Speaker materials :

i. Climate Politics: The road to Paris, Glasgow and Sharm-el-Sheikh

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