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Throughout the period of Movement Control Order (MCO), many Malaysians had faced difficulties dealing with the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Such drastic change has brought about the collapse of the supply chain at the local and global level. This challenge is more severe for the youth, women and children, as well as marginal communities such as the indigenous people (orang asli) and immigrants. This is because the assistance provided by the Government of Malaysia such as PRIHATIN is primarily for Malaysians who have access to the Internet, technology and banking services.


Based on the principle of solidarity, KAMY has cooperated with various NGOs and CSOs, as well as government agencies in the #KitaJagaKita campaign. As a youth group working with grassroots,  KAMY has led a to Covid-19 response campaign to raise the resilience of the communities.


As a youth group which advocates for #ClimateJustice, we saw the similarities of Covid-19 crisis and the climate crisis. These two crises are not just environmental crises, but they are also socio-economic, political, ethical and human rights crises. The unsustainable exploitation of the environment by humans has tilted the balance of the ecosystem and increased the likelihood of a pandemic like the Covid-19. Scientists opine that the climate crisis is a ‘multiplier’ which will worsen the situation.


Therefore, the short-term solutions are not the best solutions towards a just and green recovery. Please contact KAMY at for more information.

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This is a safe space for youth to share their views, and help each other during the Movement Control Order


This is KAMY's collaborative initiative with youth NGOs to mobilise aid to the indigenous communities in peninsula Malaysia affected badly during the Movement Control Order. We sent aid to a total of 1548 families, amounting to 6192 individuals.



This is a KAMY's collaboration with youth communities in southeast Asia active in permaculture. We document and showcase youth permaculture activity during COVID-19. This video series was released on United Nations Decade of Biodiversity IG 

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Webinars collaboration

This webinar series is KAMY's collaboration with other NGOs, CSOs and University with a focus on the nexus of climate crisis, Covis-19, indigenous rights, public health and transboundary haze

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